With our Skillion sheds, we use heavy duty knee connection plates

These sheds are just like a normal garage but offer the simple and stylish alternative of a single monoslope roof. These sheds are ideal if they are sitting next to a house to mimic the shape of the roof to give the appearance that the shed is just an extension of the house.

Our skillion sheds are available from 3m to 12m wide and up to 3.6m high at the low end of the building. Roof pitches are available in 5, 7.5 and 10 degrees. You can also add an awning to both sides of the building. Roller-doors can also be added to any side of the shed including the sloping side.

With our skillion sheds, we use heavy duty knee connection plates supplied in thick galvanised steel which bolt together with a minimum of 8 M12 bolts per plate. No light weight thin tek screwed main frame connection brackets from us!

Heavy duty industry best hold down bracket options include embedded type or bolt to existing slab hinge up styles to pivot frames up for ease of construction.

Skillion Monoslope Sheds Image Gallery